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Goatkomung in den webpaaq des spykxs Nywsasxc. Nywsasxc benxt enx kxnstxcle gxmakxdx spykxd, dhyx'en ik prinspxcle for den cpaas hebx gxmaakxd.
It benxt ny kloxrx con , abx ditx is vaten ytes ik julyn kanx shoovxn .
Oxlx, vatx hyxr benxt gecryxfxd,, benxt stil undeefxnytfx, abx de belangfolxstx stuf oan dhen groosxn lyxnxn kunxn hyxr dudligx vordxn. Um dizx moomnt ik verkx stil hardxle an yt, oan it is cveerx for my oxlen dizer gramatxcxn dingxns in Englxc bxcryxfxn, abx ik hofx, dhas july yt solxt fxrstee'xn.
Nywsasxc benxt op dhen spykxdxn Nedxrlandxc, Duutsxc, Englxc, oan Esperantxc gxbaasxd, oan it is mynx intendung, dhas it enxn natarligxn spykxd bxlykxth, Ik thenkx, dhas it speeclxle for Dutsxrxn oan Nedxrlandxrxn herkenbarx solxt benxn, abx it hebxt zynen egenxn  kensygnxn absoloatxle,
Mynx intendung varxt ny enxn spykxd, dhyx'x folxcle nywx benxt, maakxn, abx enxn nywxn spykxd maakxn, dhyx'x enx spykxd des suldxn famlxs as Duutsxc, Lexgxsasxc, oan Nedxrlandxc konxt benxn.
Welcome to the webpage of the language Nywsasxc (new-saxon). Nywsasxc is an artificially made language, that I have made principally for fun. It is not ready yet, but this is what I can show you of it. Everything that is written here, is still indefinite, but the most important stuff and the big outlines can become clear here. At this moment I am still working hard at it, amd it is hard for me to describe al these grammatical things in English, but I hope that you will understand it.

Nywsasxc is based on the languages Dutch, German, English and Esperanto, and it is my intention that it looks like a natural language. I think that it is very recognisable, especially for Germans and Dutch, but it absolutely has it's own trademarks.

So, my intention was not to make a new language that is completele new, but create a language that could be a language  of the same family as Dutch, Lower-saxon, and German.






Interrogative words, demonstrative pronoun, relative pronoun, .....





Personal pronoun and possessive adjective

Case particle

Word order

Grammatical cases


Word lists

Sample texts



- Ordinal_numbers

- fractions