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prefix function example
bx- Makes an intransitional verb transitional Ik kykx toa dy - Ik bxkykx dy I look at you - I look (at) you
  Changes the direction of a verb Ik skryxfx enxn tekst oxfxr dhaten - Ik bxskryxfx dhaten mit enxn tekst I write a text about that - I describe that with a tekst
  changes the meaning of a verb lyxbxn - bxlyxbxn to love - to make love to
her- Indicates rearrangement or repetition doawxn - herdoawxn To do - to redo
un- not eerlig - uneerlig Honest - dishonest
ent- indicates a removal vald - entvaldxn forest - to deforest
  indicates leaving a certain situation stee'xn - entstee'xn to stand - to arise
fxr- indicates a change of situation when used with verbs plextsxn - fxrplextsxn to place - to replace (relocate)
  that something is lost because of the action cpyxlxn - fxrcpyxlxn zynen gexld to play - to lose his money by playing
mis- to do with an unintended and unwanted result gruxjxn - misgruxjxn to grow - to misgrow
an- to become or be made into something ceenx - anceenxn beautiful - to become beautiful
van- terrible teest - vanteest taste - terrible taste