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  time place thing inidividual possession manner
none noxvan (never) noxvoxr (nowhere) nxvatx (nothing) nxvyxx (no one, nothing) nxvynsx (nobody's) nxhoa (in no way)
interrogative van (when) voxr (where) vatx (what) vyx'x (who, which) vynsx ( (who's) hoa (in what way)
demonstrative (near) noa (now) hyxr (here) ditx (this) dizx (this person, this thing) dizxnsx (this persons, this things) -
demonstrative (distant) dhan (then, in the future)

dhexmoxls (in the past)

dhoxr (there) dhatx (that) dhyx'x (that one, that person) dhysx (that person's, that thing's) zoo (in that way)
undetermined smxvan (at some time) smxvoxr (somewhere) smxvatx (something) smxvyxx' (some person, some thing) smxvyxsx (anyone's) smxhoa (somehow)
unimportant nyvan (any time) nyvoxr (anywhere) nyvatx (anything) nyvyx'x (any, anyone) nyvyxse (any thing's, anyone's) nyhoa (in any way)
all oxlvan (always) oxlvoxr (everywhere) xlvate (everything) xlx (everyone, each, ) oxlxse (everything's, everybody's) oxlxhoa (in every way)

The words in the columns "thing", "possession" and "individual" decline as definite articles (the same end as dhx or dx, but only without the d- or dh-).

the words van, voxr, vatx, dhyx'x, vynsx and hoa are used as relative pronouns. They  stand at the beginning of the dependent clause.