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The perfect tense is made by using the "hebxn" (to have) or "benxn" (to be) with the past participle. The past participle of a weak verb is made by placing gx- in front of the stem and -xd behind it:

Infinitive: Maakxn (to make)
Stem: Maak (make)
pastparticiple: gxmaakxd

with a transitive verb we use the verb benxn to express the passive mood:
ik benx gxmaakxd - i am made

the verb hebxn is used to express the active mood of a transitive verb:
ik hebx gxmaakxd - i have made

with an intransitive verb we always use hebxn:
ik hebx gxloofxd - I have walked

present perfect tense:

  singular plural
1st person ik  hebx gxmaakxd (I have made) vy  hebxn gxmaakxd
2nd person doa/gx  hest gxmaakxd  joa  hebxt gxmaakxd 
3rd person hey/zy/it  heefxt gxmaakxd zee hebxn gxmaakxd

past perfect tense:

  singular plural
1st person ik  hadx gxmaakxd (I had made) vy  hadxn gxmaakxd
2nd person doa/gx  hadxst gxmaakxd  joa  hadxt gxmaakxd 
3rd person hey/zy/it  had gxmaakxd zee hadxn gxmaakxd

past perfect in the passive mood


to express a passive mood in the perfect tense, we use the word "gxvordxd" after the pas participle:

  singular plural
1st person ik  benx gxmaakxd gxvordxd (I have been made) vy  benxn gxmaakxd gxvordxd
2nd person doa/gx  benxst gxmaakxd gxvordxd (you have been made  joa  benxt gxmaakxd gxvordxd
3rd person hey/zy/it  benxt gxmaakxd gxvordxd zee benxn gxmaakxd gxvordxd



future perfect tense:

  singular plural
1st person ik  salx hebxn gxmaakxd (I will have made) vy  salxn hebxn gxmaakxd
2nd person doa/gx  salxst hebxn gxmaakxd  ( joa  salxt hebxn gxmaakxd 
3rd person hey/zy/it  salxt hebxn gxmaakxd zee salxn hebxn gxmaakxd

verbs beginning with fxr- or bx-
verbs beginning which have received the prefixes fxr- or bx-, don't start with gx- in the perfect form:

Ik fxrmoordx - I murder
Ik hebx fxrmoordxd - I have murdered