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english nywsasxc grammatical case expample
aboard anboxrd 4 Ik benx anboxrd des skipxs (I am aboard the ship)
about oxfxr 2 Ik telx him oxvxr dy (I'm telling him about you)
above boxvx 2 Dx foogxl flyxgxt boxvx den bexrg (the bird flies above the mountain)
across oxvxr motion: 3 Ik loofx oxvxr der bexrg (I'm walking across (to the other side of) the mountain
    no motion: 2 Ik zee'x enxn frau oxvxr den stroxt  (I see a woman across (on the other side of) the street)
after aftxr 2 Hey komxt aftxr my (he comes after me)
against geegxn motion: 3 Ik zetx mynxn ryxdvyl geegxn der vand (I put my bicycle against the wall)
    no motion: 2 Mynx ryxdvyl stee'xt geegxn den vand (my bicycle is standing against the wall)
along entlng 3 Vy lyxfxn entlang den stroxt (we walked along the street)
alongside entlangsyd 2 De pflexgxrin verkxt entlangsyd den doktxr (the nurse works alongside the doctor)
amid txmid 4 Ik fuulx my goatx txmid myner fryndxns (I feel good amid my friends)
amidst txmid 4  
among txmid 4  
amongst txmid 4  
around umhen motion:3 Ik loofx umhen der huus (I walk around the house)
    no motion: 2 Dhoxr is en tau umhen den ton (there is a rope around the barrel)
as zoo 1 Doa bist cvoxrdxrx dan ik bin, oan ny zoo langx (you're heavier than I am, and not as tall)
at toa (in the direction of) motion:3 Ik throowx den bal toa dyn (I 'm throwing the ball at you)
no motion: 2 Ik kykx toa dy (I look at you)
at an (occupied in) 2 Manx an den verk (men at work)
at um (indicating time) 1 Ik gee'x fot um zes oar. (I'm going away at six o'clock)
at ta (in or near a particular place) 2 Ik benx ta der huus mynes fryndxs (I am at the hous of my friend
before bxfuxrxn 1 (earlier in time) Ik gee'x fot bxfuxrxn mynx gxburtxdaag. (I'm going away before my birthday)
2 (no motion, in front of in space) Hey stee'xt bxfuxrxn my (he stands before me)
    3 (motion, in front of in space) Hey kamxt bxfuxrxn myn (he came before me)
    1 (no motion, in front of according to a system of ordering items) "Kat" komxt alfabetxcle bxfuxrxn " hoand"  (cat comes before dog alphabetically)
behind bxhintxn motion: 3 Hey lyxfxt bxhintxn der huus (he walked behind the house (from a place that is not behind the house))
    no motion: 2 Hey lyxfxt bxhintxn der huus (he walked behind the house (he was already behind the house and walked)
below bxlexgxn  no motion: 2 (lower spacial position, south of) Dx cat is tvee metxrx bxlexgxn den groond bxgrexfxd  (the treasure is burried two meters below the ground)
motion: 3 (lower spacial position, south of) Ik leegx den cat bxlexgxn der groond (I lay the treasure below the ground)
    1 (lower in value) De tempxratur is tvee groxdx bxlexgxn nul (the temperature is two degrees below zero)
    4 (unsuitable to the rank or dignity of) Zulkx gxdrexg is bxlexgxn mynes vexrtygheedxs (Such behaviour is below my dignity)
beneath nyth no motion: 2 (below, covered up or concealed by something) Dx cat is tvee metxrx nyth den groond bxgrexfxd  (the treasure is burried two meters below the ground)
  motion: 3  Ik leegx den cat tvee meetxrx nyth der groond (I lay the treasure two meters below the ground)
beside bxsyd no motion: 4 (next to, at the side of, not relevant to (beside the point)) Dx toxfxl stee'xt bxsyd des betxs (the table stands beside the bed)
motion: 3 (next to at the suide of) Ik zetx den toxfxl bxsyd der bet (I put the table beside the bed)
besides bxsyd 2 ik maagx oxlxr gxmuuzxn bxsyd oobxrqynxn (I like all vegetables besides eggplants)
between tuskx no motion: 2 (in the position between two things or people, shared in confidence, one of the options of a choice) Jan stee'xt tuskx dy oan my (John stands between you and me)
motion: 3 (in the position between two things or people, in transit from, ) Jan loofxt tuskx dyn oan myn (Joyhn walks between you and me (from a place that is not between us)
beyond fuxrby no motion: 2 (further away than, on the far side of, greater than) Dher is zoo fuxlx fuxrby den moond oan dhen sterxn (there is so much beyond the moon and the stars)
by  by (near or next to) no motion 2  Ik stee'x by den bet (I stand by the bed)
bxfuxrxn (at some time before) 1 Ik gee'x fot bxfuxrxn mynx gxburtxdaag. (I'm going away before my birthday)
fon (indicates the subject of a verb in the passive tense) 2 De kees varxt bxsluutxd fon den preezydnt (the case was decided by the president)
duxr (indicates the creator of a work) 2 Dizx is en vexrk duxr mynen bruxdhxr (this is a work by my brother)
mit (indicates a means) 2 Ik reysx mit den aftoobuus (I travel by (the) bus)
mit (indicates the amount of some progression) 2 Oonsx in'kom is gxstaigxd mit tyn persentxn  (our income has risen by ten percent)
fuur (indicates a steady progression, one after another) 2 Ik leesx den boak blatsyd fuur ceenxn blatsyd (I read the book page by beautiful page)
despite  undank 4 Ik doawx dhaten undank dher becvexrungxns mynes bruxdhxrxs (I do that despite the objections of my brother)
down toanyth - (always followed by another preposition)
during vexrxnt 1 (for all of a given time interval, within a given time interval) Ik voontx met mynen oxldxrx vexrxnt dhyx'x joxrx
except uutxr 2 Ik maagx oxlen gxmuuzxn uutxr andf (I like all vegetables except endive)
Following folgxndxle 2 Folgxndxle den toasm-komung helptx ik dy  (Following the meeting I helped you)
for for motion: 3 (towards) Dx veltruumfaarxrx hxfdxtxn for der moond (The astronauts headed for the moon)
2 (directed at, intended to belong to) Ik hebx smevaten for dy (I have something for you)
2 (because of) Hey is fxroxrtailxd for fxrmoordung
fuxr 2 (supporting) Ik benx fuxr dhyx'en plaan (I am for (in support of)that that plan)
from fan 2 (With the source or provenance of or at, with the origin, starting point or initial reference of or at, with the separation, exclusion or differentiation from) Dizx vyn komxt fan den kelxr. (This wine xomes from the cellar)
in in 2 (contained by, surrounded by) Dx hoand is in den hoandhuus (The dog is in the doghouse)
2 (part of, a member of) Een in enxn myljon (one in a million)
inside insyd no motion: 4 Ik benx insyd des huusxs (I am inside the house)
motion: 3  Ik loofx insyd der huus (I walk inside the house (from a position outside the house)
into inxn 3 (going inside (of)) Ik loofx inxn der huus (I walk into the house)
3 (becoming, as the result of change) Hey adhxrtxt inxn ener moondvoalf (He changed into a werewolf)
4 (intensely interested in) Ik benx verkligle inxn treynxns (I'm really into trains)
like lyk 2 (to introduce a simile in a comparison) Hey etxt lyk enxn vexrxk (He eats like a pig)
minus mewn 1 (mathematics: reduced by subtraction) zexvxn mewn three benxt fexr (seven minus three is four)
near nexr 2 Doa voonxst nexr my (You live near me)
notwithstanding nygeegxnstee'xndxle 4 Hey doawxt dhaten nygeegxnstee'xndxle myner becveerungxns
of of 1 (connects a jurisdiction to it's name) Dx stat of Almelo
of 2 (indicates the age of a person Enx man of fexrty joxrxn (A man of fourty years)
- no preposition used 4 (see grammatical cases)
off af 3 (in a direction away from the speaker or object) Dx boak fuxlxt af der toxfxl (The book fell off the table)
2 (into a state of non-operation) Doa caltxth den laift bidxs af (please switch off the light)
on op motion: 3 (into a position at the upper surface of)  Ik zetx dhen telxrxn op der toxfxl (I put the plates on the table)
no motion: 2 (positioned at the upper surface of, covering, touching or hanging from, due to or because of, to depend on something) Dhx telxrx stee'xn op den toxfxl (The plates stand on the table)
time:1 (at the date of) Ik doawx dhaten xlxvan op mynx gxbrtxdaag (I always do that on my birthday)
onto op motion: 3 (on top of) Dx kat sprungxt op myner tstxbret (The cat jumped onto my keyboard)
huxgxns 2 (aware of) Dx pools varxt huxgxns mynen plaanxn (The police was onto my plans)
opposite geegxnoxfxr 2 (facing, across, in a complemantary role to) Hey voonxt geegxnoxfxr den krewg (He lives opposite the pub)
out uut no motion: 2 (away from home, away from, into a state of non-existence) Vy etxth uut dizoxbnung (Let us eat out tonight)
outside uutsyd no motion:4 (on the soutside of) Jan stunxt uutsyd des huusxs (Joyhn stood outside the house)
motion: 3 (on the outside of) Jan lyxfxt uutsyd des huusxs (John walked outside the house (from inside the house))
over oxfxr motion: 3  Ik throowx den bal oxfxr der huus (I throw the ball over the house (from one side to another)
no motion: 2 (higher than, spanning, covering) Dhoxr benxt en bruug oxfxr den ryxfxr (there is a bridge over the river)
past fuxrby no motion: 2 Hey voonxt in den huus fuxbry mynx (he lives in the house past mine)
motion: 3 Ik lyxfxt fuxrby dyner huus (I walked past your house)
round see: around
since  sidxn 1 Ik doawx dhaten sidxn mynx gxburtxdaag (I do that since my birthday)
through duxr no motion: 2 Dhoxr stikxt enx tak duxr dx fenstxr (There is a branch sticking through the window)
motion: 3 Ik draiftxt duxr den stat (I drove through town)
mit 2 (by means of) Dizx tyxm vinxt oftxle mit intxmydexrung (this team often wins through intimidation)
throughout duxruut 2 Vy hebxn fxrvaarmung duxruut den huus. (We have heatibng throughout the house)
till txt 1
to toa motion: 3 (in the direction of and arriving at) Ik lyxfx toa der huus (i walked to the house)
geegxn no motion: 2 (after certain adjectives to indicate a relationship, used to indicate ratios) Ik varx fryndxligx geegxn him (I was friendly to him)
toward riftxs 2
under see below and beneath
unlike  unlyk (see:lyk)
untill txt (see: till)
up up motion: 3 (away from the earth) Dx flyxgtsoag gingxt up (The plane went up)
no  motion: 2 (abstract adverb of motion or change) nimxth bidxs  den tilxfoon up (Please pick up the telephone)
upon see at and on
via uubxr 3 Ik loofx toa der huus uubxr der gartxn (I walk to the house via the garden)
with met 2 (against, in the company of, in addition to, in support of,  concerning) Ik reysx toasam met dy (I travel together with you)
mit  2 (as a means of, expressing manner,) Ik fxrsyxrx den huus mit roosxn (I decorate the house with flowers) 
Within inxrhalb no motion: 2
without oonx 2 (not having, containing) Ik lyxfx uutsyd oonx mynen jakx (I walked outside without my coat)